Today's Pattern Story: Butterick 6257


Green: I’m not sure I have this combination down yet, can we run through it one more time?

Red: From the top: and a one-two-three-four ball-change shuffle head-fling longing-glance hip-thrust — got it?

Green: oh — the longing glance! That’s what was throwing me off. Thanks!

Red: No problem. Us chorines have to stick together. Don’t forget to pick up your hat and gloves from wardrobe!


(If you would like this pattern for your very own, it’s here on Etsy courtesy of seller Classic Cabin.)


5 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story: Butterick 6257

  1. You are the best at this! I really, really admire – and enjoy – these pattern-story vignettes; you have an incredible gift for succinct, narrative situation-comedy. I guess copyright issues prevent you from publishing any kind of compendium? That would make such a great little bathroom book!


    • Aw, thanks! There’s probably no copyright issue as it’s for the purpose of satire … more of a time issue on my part. Maybe someday? 🙂


  2. Already enjoy “Advanced Style,” (I see your non-purple wearing club and and raise you a boycott on red hats), so clicked through to The Oldie to check it out. Looks like fun (you’ll notice I didn’t say, “Looks fun”) and yet, cannot ignore this:

    “The aim was to produce an antidote to youth culture but, more importantly, a magazine with emphasis on good writing, humour and quality illustration. ”

    “That’s an ironic misuse of the language,” she said, importantly.

    Guess what my real, I mean other, job is …


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