Today's Pattern Story: Vogue 2880



Pensive: Do I look pensive enough? The column is certainly pensive-worthy, but what about the wicker chair? Is wicker pensive?

Skeptical: Huh.

Pensive: I should be holding a rose, right? Not girdling myself with one? And it should be an actual flower, not a repurposed shower scrubber?

Skeptical: If you say so.

Pensive: What about the petroleum-based sheen of this fabric? I think perhaps it’s a little too oleaginous.

Skeptical: Could be.

Pensive: Well, it will all be fine when the unicorn shows up.

Skeptical: Any minute now. Sure.

12 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story: Vogue 2880

  1. Maybe there is something wrong with me, but I kind of like the shorter version…done in a silk or linen-cotton combination


  2. Hey! I made the short version when it first came out! In a very lovely slippery ivory 100% polyester that was the first fabric purchase I ever made “with my own money”. It made those thick cuffs even thicker because I ignored (or didn’t know about) grading the seams. My “dead dinosaurs” fabric made me feel very dance-y, swishing around my knees at every step. And smelled a little funny. (I can actually remember the smell. Is it icky if I say it almost had a taste, too?) But I thought I was beautiful. Wait I have a picture! Let me find it… There I am, smiling behind a cake. It’s my 21st birthday, the last one I ever spent with Mom and Dad, and I feel all grown up!

    Thanks for the memory. (Hmmm. Do I still have the remnant in my stash? I bet I still have the pattern. )


    • “Hey!” indeed. I think this is a beautiful dress; the giant flower was a signature look of the Italian designers of the time; and if you saw it on the runway today under the aegis of some now-popular designer, you’d swoon over its loveliness. If I still had the waist that I had when the design was new, I’d wear this look in a heartbeat.


  3. I made this pattern in BOTH versions (sans dish scrubby flower). The full length one was in a blue-grey Qiana (remember that stuff?), made for an acquaintance. The knee length one I made for myself in a dusty rose polyester interlock fabric. I loved wearing that dress with its full circle skirt, but it was a royal pain to lay out and cut!


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