Today's Pattern Story: Vogue 3286



Like most of the other students in the dojo, Betsy dreamed of the day where she, too, would achieve the red sash, and find oblivion in inhaling deeply the sweet breath of the lotos-orchids. In the meantime, as a lowly pink belt, she performed such menial tasks as making sure Gladys didn’t trip on her sash of honor and recruiting new novices from the village fête.

Surely the woman in the floral dress would leave the cake table soon, and then Betsy could offer her a free pamphlet!


(Pattern courtesy of the Vintage Pattern Wiki)

5 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story: Vogue 3286

  1. That back collar/panel (I’m not sure what to call it) is so incredibly beautiful. It looks like the back of an Edwardian outfit that was on an early season of Downton Abbey, with a small tassel hanging from the back point.


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