Been forever since I posted a new dress, huh? I’ve done a teeny bit of sewing since October, but only got around to taking some pictures last weekend, or maybe weekend before last?


This dress is all sorts of mashup. The bodice is McCall’s 6727, only with the neckline taken up an inch or so. And I didn’t do a facing — instead, it’s a mitred bias binding (first time I’ve ever tried this):


The fabric is wool, maybe with a little cotton in it — bought it so long ago I’m not sure. I believe it was an Anna Sui bolt end from Fabric Mart Fabrics. (It gets a little linty, as you can see here.) Pockets got piped in the same binding — it’s a really nice twill binding I bought at Britex.


I could have done a better job matching the plaid, especially along the back center. I kind of just said “eh, I’ll hardly ever see it, whatever”:


The skirt is a heavily modded Simplicity 5238. Honestly, I’ve traced and altered that skirt pattern so many times now that I’m not sure I can call it Simplicity 5238 now. I think I would have to call it “from the school of Simplicity 5238” at best.


This dress is *warm*, and very comfortable, and the longer skirt length is nice with boots.

Lots of things have been keeping me away from blogging, but I did write a little thing here at The Pastry Box you might enjoy.

(Oh and the titles are from here.)

4 thoughts on “Plaaaaaaaaaaaaaid

  1. This is a very nice dress. I like the bias binding. Your future self will be pleased that you made a pretty and cozy dress.
    My past self was very bad at keeping track of fabric content, thinking that future self would remember that it was 70%wool/30%cotton. Now my current self saves that info in a file. I’m trying to be more considerate of my future self now. She has a bad memory.


  2. Thinking of my future self: when I had to make a difficult move across country, I was really clear on the reasons for leaving, but I also knew that in the chaos after my arrival, I would wonder why I had ever left my home. So, I started to write letters to my future self, telling her what my day had been like, and why it was no longer possible to stay in this place that I had loved but could no longer stay in. I sent them to my future address, and the post office kindly dated them all, so after I arrived, there they were waiting for me.

    I put them in order on the mantle, and when I had a day of berating myself for picking up and leaving what I loved, I got out my letter opener, and heard the paper tear on one of these letters from my past self. And she reminded me of what it had been like, and why even if I was having a bad day, it was still better than the “good” days I had left behind.

    Thank you for reminding me about that kindness.


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