This Week's Pattern Story (and sale)

Butterick 7139

Teenagers at the Arkham Home For Wayward Girls live surprisingly normal lives, given the magnitude of the crimes they have committed. There are supervised outings for mini-golf (on a closed course); they have ice cream sundaes on Thursdays. They talk on the phone to young men from the Arkham Boy's Home (although no visits; most of the boys are serving adult sentences).

Their smocks, though not fashionable, are not institutional; the girls are allowed to pick their own fabrics and sew the smocks themselves, in Home Ec. "Trustys" (those without violent or suicidal impulses) are even allowed belts! And thanks to the generosity of the Tangee corporation, all the girls have ample supplies of lipstick and face powder.

[Pattern from What-I-Found Sewing Patterns.]

Oh, and here's the sale: at the EmmaLizz etsy shop, this Monday through Sunday (July 6th-12th) get 15% off your entire purchase plus free shipping. Just include the code "ADressADay" in the comments of your PayPal payment and Emily will refund the 15% and shipping back to you (since she can't do coupon codes at checkout). (What's EmmaLizz? Dress- and sewing-themed stationery!)

22 thoughts on “This Week's Pattern Story (and sale)

  1. Blue Dress looks like Midge with a short hair cut. I always seriously doubt the *quick and easy* part when the piece of clothing has gathering and buttonholes/buttons or snaps. Guess it gives the detainees something to occupy their time. lol


  2. I just ordered this! Id been looking through the pattern books for a summer housecoat but couldnt find one I liked. My mother used to wear this type in the summer and they were great. She used to stuff those pockets!


  3. Apropos of nothing on the blog, you probably already know about this article about the Websters third but since I found it over at Michael Leddys blog and found it interesting, I thought Id send it along anyway.


  4. I may not know much about marriage, but I hope these mythical housecoats were kept behind a secret panel in the closet…far, far from hubbys eyes. Theyre obviously really comfortable to wear and do housework in, but they also look like something beauty shop attendants would wear. Basically, theyre mumus with buttons.


  5. Oh, Im so glad Im not the only one to identify them as housecoats. My mom always wore one at home. They must be still available because I have a nice neighbor lady who wears them still. I must admit they are more ladylike than the sweats and yoga pants I wear around the house. –Karen


  6. I must admit they are more ladylike than the sweats and yoga pants I wear around the house. Yeah, Im actually being too hard on them. I can see it in bright pink and white candy stripes. (Stay away from the quilted variety, though…those are still on thin ice!) And dont forget to buy a matching ribbon for your ponytail when you get the fabric : )


  7. Ahh, Cookie…after youve been married for awhile your husband wouldnt be able to tell you what color your eyes are let alone notice what youre wearing. My husband adores me and yet he has no idea when Ive cut my hair, gained or lost weight or anything like that. So after awhile you just wear what you feel good in. And sometimes you feel good in a Muu Muu with big pockets. 😉


  8. I want a husband AND a candy striped housecoat now! Im just afraid a housecoat muumuu puts you on a slippery slope toward Mrs. Roper Caftan Territory. But maybe not…


  9. My grandma used to call those dusters. It could be a Kentucky thing. Hers always featured gripper snaps down the front.


  10. My mother calls them dusters, too, and shes originally from New Jersey. I tend to think of dusters as the long cowboy coats, but maybe thats because most women my age dont wear housecoats any more.Thats an adorable pattern, and it looks awfully appealing for summer wear.


  11. They are nice house coats. Love those big pockets; you can put lots of things in them when doing stuff around the house.


  12. and to hide a pregnancy *GASP!*, which Im sure some of those naughty young girls are there for.A housecoat pattern I have, had vague refrences to expecting or something like that…


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