Everything's Cooler with a Cape

Simplicity 2042

I think this dress is aDORable. The pockets! The buttons! The CAPE! So cute. Even though the women in the illustration are obviously deciding which of the cater-waiters they will later kill, dismember, and eat.

This is also one of those rare pattern envelopes where I would follow the suggested color schemes slavishly. Red gingham-y print? Sure. Yellow poplin? You betcha. Then I'd make one in grass green, with white trim.

Even better? This pattern is on sale! That's right, Lisa at yourpatternshop is celebrating her one-year anniversary with a sale going on now. All items have been marked down 15% and can be used in combination with the "dressaday" code for free shipping to USA and Canada buyers. Happy Anniversary, Lisa!

18 thoughts on “Everything's Cooler with a Cape

  1. What a cute summer dress!I love how the envelope reads Half Size Slenderette, letting the buyer know that this was a slimming style. I remember that half-size was code for what was called chubby teen and childrens clothing.


  2. Interesting! So thats what half size slenderette means. I Googled the phrase without much luck and thought maybe it referred to petite lengths. Half size slenderette has been running through my head all afternoon.


  3. Personally, I prefer the CHUB-DEB line of patterns for those post-holiday months, but the Half-Size Slenderettes sound intriguing, as well. (Are we ALL half-sizes now, since the 1950s and 60s foundation garments have been tossed out?)


  4. Note to comments: Half sizes were for short women with a fuller or mature figure. For example my 5 foot tall, 110 pound grandmother wore a 10-1/2 to 121/2 half size. She was slender with a mature figure. She would have looked ridiculous in an 9 or 11 junior petite which were made for young people. I wish the pattern companies would bring back patterns for us shorties.


  5. Yall just solved a mystery for me!Ive got a dress pattern thats a half-size and, when I made it up, the natural waistline ended up just under my bust. But if half-sizes were for petites, that totally makes sense, since I havent been petite since I was eleven years old. I didnt think I was that incompetent at following patterns!* * * * * * I love that dress, but those are some sly-looking women. Secret agents? The one on the left could be Natasha from the Bullwinkle cartoons before she hit the vodka too hard and had to take up with Boris.


  6. I agree theyre scary dames. Its like these two women have turned to a life of violent crime to compensate for their half-size state. Kind of a Napoleon Complex for girls?


  7. Its the crime-fighting duo of Halfsize and Slenderette! Whenever an innocent citizen of Gingham City is in danger, they whip on their minicapes and super-pointy shoes and fly to the rescue. Slenderette is having a chuckle over the fact that none of the other reporters at the Daily Pleat recognize her when shes wearing white gloves.


  8. Theresa: I believe we all saw you looking pretty d@mn swell in a dark blue wrap dress you made for the office once? When everyone posted pics of sewing projects? Whats with this farkakt mature figure caca?


  9. Ive made one dress from a half-size/slenderette pattern. I am 56 with a full bust, and I found that if I lengthened the torso to fit, the bust was full enough without any adjustments. I now look for the half size whenever Im shopping for patterns.


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