Things I Wish I'd Made (Number 1023 in a Series)

Watteau pleat dress

Aicha Hockx sent me these pictures ages and ages ago, of this amazingly gorgeous modern dress she made that features a Watteau pleat at the back.

You *must* go check out her blog to see the posts she wrote about this dress: this one with more pictures (including the front, which has pockets!), this one with historical references, and this one where she explains it all very clearly!

This would quite possibly the world's best cocktail dress if executed in gold brocade. Actually, if you showed me this in gold brocade I would not be surprised if you also said "Look, it's Prada."

I love this so much. This is the dress I will wear after the time machine is perfected and I visit 2039. (I don't want to look like a hick.)

A couple of Friday shirtdresses, a couple of Friday sales …

Simplicity 2412

Janet at Lanetz Living is off to the lake this weekend, but her site is having a 15% off sale while she's gone — through Monday at midnight (CST)! (Use the coupon discount code LAKE in the box on the shipping page.)

And Rita at Cemetarian is having a sale, too, which mean you can get this doozy for 15% off (you can get 15% off anything from now until Oct. 15, with free shipping in the US, too — [edited to add] use the code LUV):

Butterick 2347

I don't know how you could possibly choose between these two. I recommend grabbing 'em both. On your mark, get set, GO!

This Week's Pattern Story (and sale … with extra bonus giveaway)

Simplicity 8477

Green Dress: Only thirty more seconds, Gladys, and you'll win!

Floral Dress: Are you sure? Am I the last one standing?

Green Dress: Nobody else has a Frisbee on her head.

Floral Dress: Wait. Something's fishy. Are you sure this was a contest? Was there *ever* anyone else with a Frisbee on her head?

Green Dress: Oh, Gladys. Why would I lie to you about something as important as The First Annual Garden Club Frisbee-Hat-Balancing Contest? Ooh! I'll be right back, I think I see Amy …

Floral Dress: Doris, I'm going to wait twenty more seconds, just in case you weren't pulling my leg. And then you're going to see *stars*.

[Today's pattern is brought to you by Sandy at Sandritocat, who is running a sale — 15% off (plus you can combine with her free shipping offers for multiple purchases). Use code "Fall".]

The ridiculously talented Kellie R (you all probably know her from Pattern Review) is having a pattern giveaway on her blog — check it out! Sew *anything* in October and leave a comment on her blog with a link, and you'll be entered in the drawing!