Oooooh, I like this dress (and it's on sale)

coral Miss Elliette dress

Pam at GlamourSavvy is having an anniversary sale, now through the end of July, with 35% off everything! Which makes this dress, originally $84.99, about $55. Nice! Just enter keyword "Celebrate" at checkout and discount will apply.

I reeeeeaaaalllly like this dress, by the way. (And I'm sure the fact that it was photographed by a swimming pool had NOTHING to do with. Honest.) It's very pretty, but it's cotton, so not too fancy. You could dress it down with flat sandals and turquoise beads and dress it up with some fancy jewelry and high heels. (This is an ideal "I've got to go to a wedding dress," too — it's coral, not red!) The crinkly cotton won't get too wrinkly, and the lines are lovely. [Click on the image to visit the listing.]

Anyway, I'd definitely check out the GlamourSavvy sale … this is not the only lovely dress hanging out by the pool!

Everything's Cooler with a Cape

Simplicity 2042

I think this dress is aDORable. The pockets! The buttons! The CAPE! So cute. Even though the women in the illustration are obviously deciding which of the cater-waiters they will later kill, dismember, and eat.

This is also one of those rare pattern envelopes where I would follow the suggested color schemes slavishly. Red gingham-y print? Sure. Yellow poplin? You betcha. Then I'd make one in grass green, with white trim.

Even better? This pattern is on sale! That's right, Lisa at yourpatternshop is celebrating her one-year anniversary with a sale going on now. All items have been marked down 15% and can be used in combination with the "dressaday" code for free shipping to USA and Canada buyers. Happy Anniversary, Lisa!

This Week's Pattern Story (and sale)

Butterick 7139

Teenagers at the Arkham Home For Wayward Girls live surprisingly normal lives, given the magnitude of the crimes they have committed. There are supervised outings for mini-golf (on a closed course); they have ice cream sundaes on Thursdays. They talk on the phone to young men from the Arkham Boy's Home (although no visits; most of the boys are serving adult sentences).

Their smocks, though not fashionable, are not institutional; the girls are allowed to pick their own fabrics and sew the smocks themselves, in Home Ec. "Trustys" (those without violent or suicidal impulses) are even allowed belts! And thanks to the generosity of the Tangee corporation, all the girls have ample supplies of lipstick and face powder.

[Pattern from What-I-Found Sewing Patterns.]

Oh, and here's the sale: at the EmmaLizz etsy shop, this Monday through Sunday (July 6th-12th) get 15% off your entire purchase plus free shipping. Just include the code "ADressADay" in the comments of your PayPal payment and Emily will refund the 15% and shipping back to you (since she can't do coupon codes at checkout). (What's EmmaLizz? Dress- and sewing-themed stationery!)

Do You Recognize This Pattern?

Aunt at the Prom

Not the woman, we know who the woman is — it's C.'s aunt, and this was a prom gown she thinks was made by her grandmother in the 1960s. She's trying to figure out what pattern it was made from.

I'm pretty sure I've seen this pattern, too, but it's not like I can just reach into the giant toppling pile of paper that is my mind and pull out a post-it with "Simplicity XXXX!" written on it. Would that I could …

If your mind is better-filed than mine, and you know what this pattern is (or can make a good guess) want to leave a comment?

Bacon dress!

Bacon dress

Thanks to Ben for this link to the Bacon Dress. You can read more about it here.

Of course, you'd want to accessorize with this and these. And don't forget this. If you're wearing it to a party (which I hope you are, because wearing a bacon dress to sit around at home and get grease on your own couch seems pretty sad), you could wrap a present in this. If someone gets too close to you with their fork, you could cover the resulting puncture wounds with these.

But I still don't know what this is all about.